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A proxy is a system that allows you to show your location in your browser from one place to another. Proxies are generally used legitimately for ad verification, product promotion, etc. but there is no alternative to using proxies to earn more in less time from jobs like surveys, games, and CPA.

Different IPs are kept for different sites in this package. You can select the IP of your choice and get the highest quality IP for the site you are working on. All our IPs are 100% residential and dedicated. You can order without any problem.

IP Purchase Policy:

  1. We will provide the IP according to your suggestion at the time of order. If you need anything out of the list, please write in the note.
  2. In case of refund, if the IP speed is less than 300 KB and your data is less than 300 MB in the first 4 hours. You will be given a new IP.
  3. Within 4 hours, you will be refunded as many times as required as per policy. But of course it's 4 hours from the first IP you bought.
  4. All daily IP can be used for 24 hours or more. In the case of 2 to 30 days IP, you will get IP at a specific time every day. There will be a refund policy for the first 4 hours from this time.
  5. In the case of "Customize IP", sometimes the IP goes offline but comes back after some time, sometimes it slows down and after some time the IP is fixed. So check back after some time. But if it happens within 4 hours you will get refund.
  6. If you want to repurchase previously purchased IPT, you can repurchase it after a few days. If the proxy is online, we will try to provide the same IP.

Most IP providers give the same IP to many people. Sometimes it gives bad IP instead of good IP. If you complain, they suspend you. If you want to be free from them, you can definitely order from our store. Our mission is to make you earn and solve your country's economic problems.

The IP will be mailed to you as soon as the order is placed. But you can discuss any problem in live chat.

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Vaia koto diner jonno nibo..eirokom to kono option nai.
Zubaer Ahmed Jisan 06-05-2023 03:46am
title ai to likha daily ip.
OES Shop 06-05-2023 03:46am
300 tk ta koto din
Ejaj Talukder 27-03-2023 02:56am
okhane likha ase
OES Shop 27-03-2023 02:56am
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